20 MD Reasons for a Failing False Fauci Forecast from the Constitution, Common Sense & the Bible

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We just celebrated our freedoms, but where are they?

  1. Freedom of Speech is fundamental, but the media will not listen or allow good reasons to be heard that goes against big money and control, even from physicians.
  2. Freedom of Assembly has been curtailed with devastating results for kids, schools, businesses etc
  3. Freedom of Worship has been called non-essential while casinos have been allowed open.
  4. Freedom of Travel is curtailed with vaccine passports. This is serious for where it can lead.
  5. Common sense should tell us that antifreeze (polyethylene glycol) is not a good ingredient to put in our bodies, though used to prevent the ‘vaccine’ from freezing at -70 degrees.
  6. The ‘vaccine’ is not a true vaccine. They have not isolated the virus nor attenuated it.
  7. The CDC is not a federal agency. It owns ~60 patents on vaccines and makes billions on the shots they recommend. Can we understand the greed behind to push to force everyone?
  8. The shots have not been approved by the FDA for safety. They failed the animal studies and now we are the guinea pigs, but it’s allowed because it’s an “emergency.”
  9. It’s an emergency because they changed the reporting system. Hospitals got more money for a ventilator used on covid patients, etc.
  10. It’s also an emergency and the shot is pushed because there is no medicine proven effective against this “virus” but they banned reports of hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin that have had excellent results in other countries but not allowed in this “free” country by licensed MDs?
  11. The British Medical Journal reported 73% less severity in healthcare workers eating a vegan diet. https://nutrition.bmj.com/content/early/2021/05/18/bmjnph-2021-000272 This fits Bible info:
  12. The Bible has the first comprehensive health code with instructions of what to eat in Genesis 1; what not to eat in Leviticus 11, and not to eat the fat or blood of clean meat in Lev 3:17.
  13. Quarantine was for the person who was sick with an infectious disease. Lockdown is a reversal of the biblical order in Lev 13. It’s proven disastrous for families and businesses—are we stupid?
  14. The Bible (all-time best seller) offers subtle clues against physicians. They did the embalming in Genesis 50:2, which suggests they lost a lot of patients.
  15. Job linked them with falsehood and no help, Job 13:4. This is chronic conditions, not acute need.
  16. Christ said a woman spent all she had on physicians and was no better, Luke 8:43
  17. We are called to come out of the confused systems of this world and receive not of her plagues, “for by her pharmakeia are all nations deceived,” Rev 18:2-4,23 (bad translation of pharmacy).
  18. The Bible’s most severe warning is against accept the mark of beast (government) control in the right arm or forehead, Rev 13:16; 14:10. While it sounds like false worship; worship is ‘worth-ship’ and we are giving false worth to this government push for control of the masses that includes whole world by WHO of UN. Marked in forehead may mean mind accepting deception.
  19. The Bible says, “whatever we eat or drink or do, do to God’s glory,” 1Cor 10:31. Is it to His glory to take cells from aborted babies to use in developing the shot? There are so many clues!
  20. We have been gifted a marvelous body with a wonderful immune system that we can bog down with high sugar, animal products, alcohol, loss of sleep or exercise and now there is serious evidence against 5G radiation which may be why some are getting sick. This is so new—why rush to get a shot that can ruin our immune system. They are already blaming a resurgence of covid in highly vaccinated countries on a variant virus when it’s likely the shot and they are reporting bad results from the shot as “rare” when thousands have died from it (VAERS).

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Richard Ruhling’s “The Fall of America and New World Order” contains some of the most compelling documentation on how a country as great, and strong, as the United States of America can possibly “fall.” I cannot imagine the depth of research that went into writing this book. Not only does the author present the country’s historical events and current events but he links them to biblical scripture that coincides with everything that is happening in today’s time.
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